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  • Review onCanlis

    4 star service with amazing food. My family and I visited Canlis for a graduation celebration and it was quite a treat. When calling to adjust our reservation, we mentioned that the dinner was for a graduation and they sat is at an amazing window table with a perfect view of south lake Union. Now to the food...the steak tartare and the wagyu steak were to die for. The steak tartare had the perfect balance of flavors and the wagyu steak melted in my mouth. I wasn't as big of a fan of the Canlis salad--a little too citrusy for me, but overall the food was great. While I obviously appreciated the amazing food, the excellent service is what really made this a wonderful experience.

  • Review onSilver pizzeria

    A good place after a tiring day to hang out with friends, but food quality needs to improve. The bar is good, so that's plus point.

  • Review onManresa

    A life without experiencing the cuisine of David Kinch would be a little less rich. Dining at Manresa is a treat bordering on extravagance that did not disappoint my second time there. This time, my spouse Joined me and whether it was the joy of sharing the Manresa experience with her or the bounty of the early summer harvest, the second trip was better than my first. Food, beauty, wine and exceptional service remain the focus. The dining experience is beautiful yet relaxed, not stuffy or overly serious. Wine selection is made easier by the sommelier staff. I imagine it's hard to go wrong with the wine list anyway with or without expert help. At every moment you are made to feel special. Go for the first seating and watch the magic unfold.

  • Review onCammua Makeup School Hollywood

    After researching multiple lash extension courses I decided to take CJ's lash extension class based on the multiple 5 star reviews. The price alone on the course was cheap compared to the other classes so I was already skeptical of the quality of the course. But the one day class sold me, others were 2-3 day lessons and I just didn't have the time. The class was very well set up, everyone in the class was very eager to learn which made it an even more awesome class. We didn't waste anytime. CJ used up all 7 hours with us, loading as much information as he knew into us, not holding back on tips to be successful in our future lash business. He was straight forward which I appreciate. And I also appreciate that it wasn't just a boring lecture class. We spent enough time practicing hands on and came around the class to watch and give input. Some reviews are saying he gave us information we could just find online and that it was a waste of time. Sad to hear from others but I definitely disagree. I took from that class so much more than I thought I would.

  • Review onOil Changers

    Been coming to these guys for 3-4 years now. When I get too lazy to change my own oil/coolant/etc, I buy the fluids and filters myself and come down here. They've always done good work, and as someone who does their own changes half the time I know what I like to see. Funny crew down there, as well.

  • Review onSparkling Clean Agency

    Before I moved into my new place, many things were in mess. The bathroom tiles were stained, windows were dirty, covered in grease and oil. So I used all local to hire a local cleaning service and found Sparkling Clean. I?m very happy and satisfied with their services. My windows are clean; bathroom smells fresh and looks good. All I know is they got their name right.

  • Review onAuto Body Detail Service

    Best place in San Fransisco for detailing your car. They will walk through all the steps for detailing before starting on it. If your waiting in the waiting area. They will call you to check out how the car is looking if you like it or not. The work done is great and top notch. I had a Groupon for full service and it was worth it. Coming back again.

  • Review onBrick & Mortar, Brooklyn, NY

    Brick & Mortar gets - it - done. This is just a great company that works with you to get where you need to be. We worked with Phillia and we could not have been happier. She was with us through everything, and one step ahead at every turn. She's the best agent I've worked with in the 10 years I've been in New York.I really can't recommend working with Brick & Mortar enough. They're the best.

  • Review onDavies Symphony Hall

    Fantastic setting for classical music fans. I appreciate everything from the architecture, to the seats, guest performers, and fabulous restaurants within walking distance. The inside is even better than the outside. There are many levels to this symphony hall, all it all adds to the amazing sound inside the hall. There are a lot of stairs, but it all adds to the grand feeling of the hall. Many bars are located around for your convince. You can even arrange for drinks to be waiting for you at intermission! Once you're in your seat and you look around you'll see a huge organ sitting behind and atop of the stage. The stage is fairly large and a simi-circle shape. The staff were very helpful in helping us get to our seats and when we're let out for intermission. You can even see a bit of city hall from this place. Overall, good experience.

  • Review onBenjamin Realty Group, NY

    Great experience!! I called BRG late on Saturday to inquire about an apartment I saw online,-Ben the owner quickly set up and appointment for the very next day -Sunday! We walked in and met Josh! Josh was super friendly and accommodating and listen to all of our needs and wants in an apartment. Josh patiently drove us around to five different apartments most importantly they were all in our price range. Not only did he drive us around he gave us some insight on the neighborhoods.